LEFTOVERS- a key for Better Health!

lunch12GOD-BUILT D.W.

2-3 Minute warmup walking, jogging, running in place, or active stretching

Max Burpees in 5 minutes!  *if you have 7 minutes go ahead!

Check out the Pic of the Nutritious Lunch!  THat is just grilled chicken, squash, peas w/ salsa, sliced tomatoe.  The great thing about meals like this is they really are easy to prepare and if you cook at night you can cook enough to have leftovers the next day for lunch!

LEFTOVERS.  I have found over the years that Leftovers are good for your health.  Yes I understand that particularly with vegetables they lose some of their nutrients over time and also when they get “reheated”, but it is still a very good OPTION!  And having GOOD, EASY, AND QUICK OPTIONS is a key for most people when it comes to adhering long term to a Better Nutrition Plan.  So cook a little extra of that Nutritious food for dinner, and have LEFTOVERS the next day for lunch.  It keeps it Simple and helps you to Stay CONSISTENT on your Improved Eating Program!


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