Do OLYMPIC LIFTS, but Be Wise!

workoutsplitjerkGod-Built DW (daily workout)

2 Minute Run n place, outside, or treadmill

Complete all as fast as can:     

25 or 50 squats

25 or 50 pushups

25 or 50 Situps

Check out the cool pic of 2 of our GB Athletes doing some Olympic style lifting.  This lift is actually called a “Split Jerk”.  As we have discussed before, Olympic style lifting is absolutely AWESOME for improving your athletic performance, your strength, power, and overall fitness.  Now realize that first and foremost as with any other exercise, your Form and Technique is the most important.  Learn how to do Olympic lifts correctly first.  Then you can increase the intensity by upping the reps, weight, and or speed that you lift. 

Also, as far as “bang for you buck” and “killing 2+ birds with 1 stone”, OLYMPIC style Lifts are some of the best ones you can do.  They are pretty “complex” and that is why they are called “Complex Movements”! Dont worry though they dont have to be too complicated.  You can pretty easily do some of these movements, or variations of them, with just a little Basic Training.  There are many “Technique / Form” training videos on youtube.  Remember though you have access to several “Basic” training demo videos right here on  And for most, particularly if you are not going to learn hands on from a professional trainer, I recommend you start off with Dumbbells instead of a Barbell.  The Barbell adds another level of intensity mainly because of the position it has to be in during the lift.  This does have great benefits but the risks out weigh the benefits hands down in my opinion.  Again this is especially true if you are not going to learn in a hands on setting being taught by a qualified professional for a given amount of time (basically however long it takes to get it right).  

So DO OLYMPIC LIFTS.  Take time to learn how to correctly perform variations of Olympic lifts.  Watch our demo videos often!  And use dumbbells unless you already have great form and or you learn from a qualified professional.


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