DADDY MONSTER! Dont Feel like it, but do it anyway!

dadnboyspileupGB DW (daily workout)

3-5 rounds

1 minute run n place, jog, fast walk

1 minute Pushup / Plank


This is a pic from a while back of me and the boys playing in a hotel room.  The boys love for “daddy” to play with them, especially “Daddy Monster“!  That is basically where I chase them and throw them around and or tickle them.  Man they love it and so do I.  I have to admit though, even though I love them so much and I love playing with them, I have to make myself do it sometimes.  Many times when they ask me I dont “feel” like it at the time.  I “feel” like just sitting down and resting. 

The other night we had been talking to the boys about spending more time outside and less time with their electronics.  It was already dark and Joshua Paul asked if he could go outside so we said yes.  He asked me to come play with him and I surely didnt feel like it.  I decided that since he was already choosing to step up and be “more active” by choosing to go outside, even though it was dark and pretty cold, I better back him up and go too!  So I did, and then David Ben joined us and we played DADDY MONSTER in the front yard.  It was so much fun.  And it just reminded me of the importance for myself and my boys of CHOOSING to stay active. 

Now I dont always “play” with the boys everytime they ask, and sometimes this is because I have work I have to get done and or I am just being “lazy”!   I do believe it is a good idea though for all of us to not go with our FEELINGS, especially when it comes to being active and spending important time with Family.  And again, I sure can get a lot better at taking my own advice on this, and I plan to!  And while all this is very important for “family bonding” it too is just as important for living that “Active” Lifestyle and doing more positive things to take control and keep control of your body!


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