Warm Weather Stimulates Activity! But BE WISE!

IMG_4300DW(daily workout)

Max Pushups (as many as you can without stopping), Minimum of 25

7 minute Walk / Run / Walk-Run

Max Squats n 1 Minute


Check out me and the boys several years back.  Joshua Paul wanted to “get ready” for Soccer so we put the cleats on and got on it!  David Ben was right in the middle but still a little too young to run with us.  Man that was a few years back.  Anyway the reason I chose this pic to post up today was because the “spring” weather is easing back in on us.  And that is great.  It is a great time to “GET ACTIVE” and start Walking, running, Gardening, Playing Sports, etc.  Even though it is a great time to GET ACTIVE, let me encourage you to BE WISE!  If you have not been ACTIVE, then make sure you slowly Get back into Activity!  Get out, heck yeh!  And at the same time use Wisdom. 

The last thing you want is to be all excited about the more consistent Warm and Sunny days and Overdo your Physical Activity.  For instance, if you have not Walked much over the winter months, and you get out and do a 5 mile Hike up some pretty serious hills and terrain, then you are likely to hurt something and or just be so sore you dont want to move for several days.  Instead just do a lite to moderate pace 1-2 mile walk.  Then the next time you can up it to a little faster pace, and so on and so on.  the point here of course is that 1. Yes get to Moving!  BE ACTIVE!; 2. Be Wise and EASE back into Activity!


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