Oh Wow. Do your “Internal” Actions match your External Actions?

woutswDW (daily workout)

30 Seconds Run n Place

30 Seconds Side to Side Hops

21, 19, 17, 15, 13, …..1  Pushup row (rt, lft = 2 reps), Situps

*Perform 21 Pushup Rows, then 21 Situps.  Then perform 19 of each.  Keep going down in odd numbers until finish at rep 1.  *or you can get as far as you can in the time you have.

CHECK OUT the pic with one of our Lunch GOD-BUILT Workout groups at a local corporation.  We were doing some Speed and Agility drills to warm up and to get a good Workout in.  Here at God-Built we are Extremely Blessed to be able to work with people here at our Facility and work with people at other corporations in their “wellness” facilities!  We love helping others to literally take control and keep control of their health and lives.  It is what God designed us to do.

One of the issues we discussed with the Workout group at the end was the fact that they not only have to make “External” changes in their life for improved health, but they also need to make corresponding “Internal” Changes.  Yes you hear this a lot from GOD-BUILT, and I believe it is our job to keep reminding all of us of this all so important issue.  You can make all the External changes you want such as eating better and exercising more, but if  Internally you are “Doubting” in your heart, thinking negatively, and Speaking the opposite of what you want and are Externally working towards, then the “INTERNAL” will sooner or later Override the “External”.  

Lets look at this example: Lets say you want to lose weight.  So you do like most others and you start an Exercise and Diet Plan.  You start off following the plan and in the beginning you have high expectations and your emotions are high on the positive end.  Then it happens (it always does for all of us): it gets tough and it is either not happening fast enough and or it is just harder than we thought in the beginning.  Your emotions are now bottomed out, you start doubting, you start “recalling” past failures in this same area, and all of a sudden it seems like there are many more reasons why you “can not do it anymore”.  Now here lies a big test and breaking point.  This is where you have to literally “grip” yourself and either pick up and or choose to stay steady with your Internal Actions, while at the same time continuing your External actions.  If your Internal actions (what you are believing in your heart, what you are thinking, and what you are speaking) are not going in the same direction as your External then you can be most assured that you are going to QUIT!  But!!! if you will choose to literally STEER your Faith with your Words and Thoughts towards Succeeding, then you are simply putting a tremendous Power and Force behind those External Actions.  And this my friend is what will push you through those tuff times and keep you going no matter what it looks like. 

It is absolutely amazing what we can accomplish in our health and lives if we can only Believe!  First and foremost we must believe that He has only Good for us in our health and every other area of our lives.  Now this does not mean it is all easy, but yes it does mean it is ours and ours to have and to experience here on this earth.  Then as we truly Believe and Understand His Goodness for us, this empowers us to ACT ACCORDINGLY.  See if I truly Believe and Understand that ‘BY JESUS’ STRIPES I AM HEALED”, and “All things Are Possible to ME who Believes” then I am going to ACT that way.  When I believe that it is already IN ME thru Christ to walk in Abundant Health, then my decisions are going to reflect that.  See “Healthy” people dont let food control them, they control food.  Healthy people do not let “laziness” control them, they control their bodies and make them Be Active.  Healthy people do not let Emotions control them, they control their Emotions.  Healthy people do not let Stress, Fear, Worry, Condemnatioon stay around.  They FIGHT it with THE WORD OF GOD!  Healthy people do healthy things.  Healthy people are not perfect, but one big difference is they SEE THEMSELVES AS HEALTHY! 

BE very careful about “waiting to believe you are a healthy person” when you can physically “see” it or “feel” it.  See I know that is the way most of us have operated in our lives in the past, but that is not the way God designed it, therefore it is backwards to the way we should think and do!  God designed us to ‘KNOW in our Hearts who we are and what we have been empowered with, thru Jesus Christ.  We have already Been Made everything we could possibly BE.  If we wait to see it before we believe it, then most likely we will not see it, at least not consistently.  You have to take it on Faith.  People who are Consistently successful in their health and or any other area of life apply this Principle whether they realize it or not.  They know that they have inside them what is required to meet the desired Results.  They basically believe in what is already Inside them.  Then they use that FAITH to get what they want.  And that is God!  Now everyone may not realize it is God or Recognize HIM for that power, but it does not change the Truth that it is HIM.  ANd everyone may not use that POWER for His Good and the Good of others.

My hope for you is that you will apply this Godly Principle in your life to help you to get where God has designed you to be in your health and any other area of life.  With Health, Exercise and Nutrition are important components for Success, but the most important is what you are BELIEVING IN YOUR HEART (YOUR FAITH), THINKING IN YOUR HEAD, AND SPEAKING WITH YOUR MOUTH.  If you want to make progress and Tangible Improvements in your health make sure you are putting Purposed emphasis on these 3 things.


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