“Messing Up” does not + InConsistency!! Really?!

woutboxjumpDW (daily Workout)

Movement Stretches x 10 each

Complete in the fastest time 50, 75, or 100 reps each of: Walking Lunge Steps (1 step =1 rep), Overhead Dumbbell Press. 

Complete the Reps in any order you choose

Check out our FLYING ATHLETE!  This is one of our young Athletes doing some BOX JUMPS.  It is always good to see young people working hard and staying COMMITTED. 

Speaking of COMMITTED, that is a great topic to talk about concerning our Health and Life.  One thing that definitely goes along with being Committed is CONSISTENCY.  And as you probably already know, if you want to succeed at just about anything that is worth something, then you are going to have to Be Consistent with certain Actions. And that is just the way it is.  I want you to realize though that to Be Consistent does not mean you have to be Perfect!  Sometimes I believe we wrongly get this mixed up in our thinking process even if we dont realize it. 

Many times even if it is subconciously, we get the idea that when we mess up we have “blown it” and now anything “good” we have done up to this point is worthless.  Or at least this is how we respond when we “mess up”.  Remember, “Who Cares if you mess up”.  you should never expect to mess up, but if and when you do, get over it quickly and just get back to going again.  Remember that your CONSISTENCY with the correct Actions is vital for Results.  Also you have to remind yourself that if you mess up it literally does not Stop you and it does not mean you cant still be CONSISTENT!!



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