How JP teaches us that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FUN, TO BE FUN!

jpbarefootrun2DW (daily Workout)

3 Minute Warmup – Fast Walk / Jog / Movement Stretches

5 or 7 rounds with 30 seconds rest between rounds

Run 100 / 200 meters, 15 / 30 Pushups

*U run 100 or 200 meters then drop and Perform 15 or 30 Pushups, rest 30 seconds then repeat for the total of 5 or 7 rounds

Check out Joshua Paul doing some “Bare Foot” running.  He is looking good.  I have posted this pic before and I am posting it again because Daddy is so “pleased” with his efforts towards TRACK this last couple of weeks.  He started last week and this weekend he got in his first Track Meet.  It was just a “practice” meet but still pretty intense for a little fellow.  He ran the 200m and the 400m, both of which he had never “raced” in before.  I gave him a few pointers, and at the same time tried not to push it too much.  I am trying my best to just stand back and be the parent and not the coach.  ANd for me that is kind of hard since that is pretty much what I have done most every day now for 18 years!  Anyway he did awesome. 

Joshua Paul’s best performance came in the 400 meter relay.  He ran at a pretty good pace the whole lap and finished in a good stride, and hey 400 meters is a pretty long way for a little fellow!  So daddy was extra pleased.  The neat thing was before the Track meet that Saturday he made the comment that he really didnt like Track.  A lot of that had to do of course with the fact that he had never done it before and had never been in a sporting competition before.  Well after the Track meet and his excellent performance, he said to me on the way home: Dad I love Track! 

Now I also want to point out that during the events, particularly the 400 m, he was not “having fun”.  Again that is the by far the longest I have ever seen him run at that pace, and he had to really dig deep and push himself the last 100 meters.  At the finish line he just dropped to the ground and had this look of pure pain on his face.  The neat thing is though that despite the anxiety of the whole “newness” of the situation, and the “hardness” of it, he still totally changed his attitude towards Track to “Loving it”!  this is a Testimony to the saying “IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FUN TO BE FUN.” 

People ask me all the time in reference to Exercise “KJ I have been working out now for (?) months and it is NOT getting Easy (or fun) yet.  When is it going to get Easy (or fun)?”  Well my response is usually that I have been working out now for around 27 years and it has not gotten EASY for me yet.  (Also, it is usually not that much FUN during the heat of the workout.)  See if you are waiting for it to get Easy and always FUN, then you will probably quit because “IT AINT GONNA GET EASY”.  And most of the Time the honest truth is the workout is not going to be FUN, but heck YES it can still be FUN.  It is FUN because you are Taking control of your body, you are Choosing to do something Positive, and you are improving your Health.  Basically like most all agree, ‘IT IS FUN WHEN IT IS DONE”. 

Take a lesson from Joshua Paul, and all others who have got a Grip on the Exercise portion of Fitness and dont wait for it to Be Easy or FUN.  You choose to see it as FUN because you are doing something extremely positive.  And remember IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FUN TO BE FUN!


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