Your CHALLENGE for this Weekend: Change your life Forever!

davidbendaddyofficeDW (daily Workout)

Perform 1+ Workouts thruout the Weekend

1. 20+ Minute Walk / Run (with Family)

2. Max Pushups n 3 minutes, Max Leg Tucks n 3 minutes.

3. For Time- 40 Pushup rows (40r, 40l)

David Ben is hanging out in the office with me right now.  Check him out in his GEORGIA BULLDOG JERSEY.  It was “jersey” day at his school so all the kids could show their favorite Team! 

Here is a Challenge for YOU for this Weekend: DONT WORRY!!  I know you have heard this before, but you really need to get a grasp on just how “true” this is: Worry / Stress KILLS!  That is a Fact.  We all say “ye I know that” but then we go right back to Worrying.  And for most, it is just an “accepted” thing now.  We for some reason think that we “have to” worry and or we have a “right to” worry since we have so much going on in our lives now.  I know I have been guilty of this too.  But man we gotta STOP THIS.  Yes we have a “right to” worry.  Of course we do.  God gave us a right to Free Will.  So we can do pretty much what we want to, but the great news is that we DONT HAVE TO WORRY!  God has given us the power and the authority to NOT WORRY, thru the “FINISHED WORK” OF JESUS CHRIST!  the Bible basically says that “we are not to worry/stress”, but to go to GOD and pray, Thanking Him that He has already taken care of our requests.  And then HIS PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING AND GUARDS OUR HEARTS AND OUR MINDS is what we will Walk IN!! 

So that is my and your challenge for This Weekend: TO NOT WORRY!  I can do it.  YOU can do it, so lets just DO IT!  Ye Baby!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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