Dont Accept “the norm”! NO, dont do it!

dickmariantGB DW (Daily Workout)

3 Minutes Walkn / Joggn / Movement Stretches

Perform as Many Rounds as you can in 5 Minutes, 7 Minutes, or 10 Minutes

20 Squats, 20 Pushups, 2o Lunges, 20 Supercrunch

Check out THE TISINGERS Gettin on it dog’on it!!  These 2 have been loyal clients, members, and friends for us here at God-Built for going on 13+ years now!  They are a great testimony of the fact that “you dont have to settle for less” just cause you get Older.  They stay Consistent, work hard, and Choose to make “Exercise” and “Nutrition” priorities in their lives.

It really is possible for all of us to Live at a good level of health, no matter our age.  Yes it is true that as you get older some things “change”, but what most accept as the “norm” is truly not what anyone should have to accept, and they dont have to accept it.  It does take work and time, but the reward is huge.  Remember like the old saying “you will pay the price somewhere in life.  If you wait it usually will cost you much more!”  And this saying is especially true when it comes to your Health.


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