HE knows WHO and WHAT is inside you!!

boysbobslednGB DW (daily Workout)

21 Squats, 21 Pushups, 21 Situps

Max Pushup Rows n 3 Minutes – **shoot for minimum of 50 each arm!

Check out what we found the boys doing yesterday.  As LeAnne called it: REDNECK BOBSLEDDING! They basically had their snow sled laying on top of a skate board and they were having the best time.  It is great to see them using their imagination and it reminds me of the “wild” things we came up with as kids too.  Good stuff!

I had the huge opportunity to have lunch today with a great leader.  This man has walked the walk over the last several years since I have known him.  He is very humble, kind, and just a Godly man.  He is just one of those that is a true leader and I am better just for knowing him.  I have tremendous respect for him and I truly counted it a Blessing and Opportunity to be able to have some 1 on 1 time with him. 

I asked him this question: What has been the 1 or 2 most powerful tools that have helped you to be a great leader and to actually see the success you have had.  Man I could have sit and listened for hours if he would have had the time.  What proceeded out of his mouth was just plain ole WISDOM!!  It was so good and so RICH!  It was Fresh and it was NEW!  Now when I say “new” I do not mean it was something I had never heard before.  No, it was “new” to me because I knew I was hearing it first hand from someone who had gotten the results.  ANd man that is something we all need to do more of: Listen to those who are already where we want to be!!  Anyway, man it was so good. 

Everything he shared with me I was soaking up.  On the way back from our meeting I actually stopped and put everything into my phone in my “notes”.  I wanted to make sure I didnt forget anything!  Here is one of the great things he shared with me and I want to share with you: Evaluate Where you are at, where you want to be, and make a plan for how you are going to get there.  Now yes I realize most all of us have heard this before,  but like you have heard me say before, be careful to not let the true Fundamentals and Life Giving Principles get “old” to you.  If you truly believe they are “life giving”, then no matter how many times you hear them, they will be “fresh” to you!  Now you can take this Principle and apply it to any area of your life.  Lets take health for instance.  If you want to “improve your health” then a great start will be to follow this principle.  So many times, as we discussed at lunch today, we get caught up in the “day to day” stuff and basically just “surviving” through the day and or the week and or the situation, that we lose focus on working towards actually improving.  I have found that pretty much I will get whatever it is that I am focusing on, eventually.  If I focus on “getting better” then I will still be able to handle my current situations / obstacles, and at the same time PROGRESS to improvement.  If I put off the PROGRESS part because I am too focused on “just getting through” then “just getting though” is all I am going to get.  And the funny thing is many times when I focus on Improvement, I am not putting a whole lot more energy into it, I am just refocusing my energy.  And when I am just focusing on “surviving” or “staying where I am at” I wind up putting just as much focus and energy into it, but all I get is the SAME ole stuff I have had!  Funny how it works that way.

I challenge you to Evaluate where you are at, Decide where you want to get to, then make a SIMPLE Plan to get there.  And oh man here is such a Powerful and Insightful Truth that my friend shared with me today also concerning the “Following The Plan” part: He said set dates to where you “REevaluate”.  You take the time to see where you have progressed to and make a decision if the Plan is getting you where you want to go, and to Make sure you STILL want to get to the same place you originally planned to.  See the main thing is to GO once you set a goal and make a plan.  Dont worry about having the Perfect plan or perfect Time.  The time is now to Move Forward.  Get started and along the way if you need to make adjustments, then do so.  Man you will be so much further ahead of the game when you apply THESE SIMPLE PRINCIPLES for Improvement in your Health and Life!  I know I am encouraged and Inspired.  I thank God that He has put great leaders like my friend in my path, and so thankful that HE is always cheering me on because HE knows WHO AND WHAT is inside of me!  And so it is the same with YOU.  God knows just WHO AND WHAT is inside of you! And in you is GREATNESS!  And well, that is “nuff said”!


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