Go “Back n Time” to see how Good HE has been to you.

yorktownpicGB DW (daily Workout)

10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Leg Tucks, 10 Situps

5 Minute Max Reps – Burpees

We went to Charleston this past weekend for a family wedding.  Me, LeAnne, Aunt Lisa, cousin Ben Ben, Mamma (cool woman with the shades and red GB jacket), cousin Merideth, cousin in-law Justin all went to tour the USS Yorktown there in Charleston.  It was awesome!  It was amazing to see that aircraft carrier and just how much had to go into building that ship and into operating it during war time.  There was a lot of history posted all over the ship about WWII, and other wars.  It was pretty overwhelming to read and see just a small amount of the PRICE OF FREEDOM.  There were several times that I almost lost it when reading and observing certain things on the ship.  I would have to walk away and compose myself.  It was very moving and reminded me to be SO THANKFUL for all those men and women who DID and STILL DO put their lives on the line for me and my family.

You know, first and foremost our FREEDOM comes from HIM!  To HIM we should be forever THANKFUL.  And second, for those of us who live in a country where we truly are FREE, like the great USA, we should also BE SO THANKFUL to HIM who has Blessed us to be able to live here.  We remember too that our Freedom here in the USA did come at a very HIGH COST.  I know that here in the USA we are not perfect, and I am sure that you could argue that some wars were not for us to fight.  At the same time I know that without the Leading of God, the leadership of some great men and women, and the true PATRIOTISM and Unselfishness of thousands upon thousands of men and women, we would not be as FREE as many of us have come very accustomed to. 

I am saying all this #1 to remind you, and myself, to BE THANKFUL.  BEING THANKFUL is a key in life.  Sometimes it takes “going back in time” to see just how Blessed you and I really are!  Take time to look back in your own life and Remind yourself of just how Good GOD has been to you1


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