Great SNACK Options for YOU

snack2God-Built  DW (daily Workout)

Active Movement Stretches x 10 each

3 rounds x 33 Double Unders / 100 Jump Rope, 33 Situps / Leg Tucks. Rest only as needed. 

SNACK time last night.  Check out the Snack I had last night.  This is a good and easy choice for a night, or anytime, Snack: Apple and Sunflower Seed Butter.  The SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER is something “new” for me.  I love Sunflower seeds, but have never had it in the “butter” form.  I found it at Trader Joe’s in Atlanta a couple of weeks back when me and LeAnne went there for her Birthday.  They have a great selection of more “healthy” stuff.  The only issue I just found out last night was I noticed on the SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER that it said to “refridgerate after opening”.  Well I opened it about 2+ weeks ago and have had it in the cabinet!  Uh oh.  So make sure and read all the label when trying “new” stuff.  It still tasted fine!

Ok, on the subject of Snacks here are some other good healthy options for you:

-1 fruit, 1 small handful nut/seed mix

-small handful nut/seed mix

-small cup whole organic yogurt

-Clif Mojo Bar

-Clif Builder Bar

-Kind Bar

-Tablespoon all natural peanut butter n teaspoon local Honey




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