Olympic Lifts, Great! PreCooked Meals from Grocery Store!

woutathletespcleanGB DW (daily Workout)

20 Squats, 20 Pushups, 20 Leg Tucks

50 Power Clean for Best Time.  Use Barbell or Dumbbells. 

Check out our young men doing some Power Clean & Press here at God-Built. 

Olympic lifts, like the Power Clean & Press, are great movements to include into an Exercise Program.  They involve so much and require a lot of overall WORK from the body.  THis makes them highly “effecient” for anyone when your desire is to get the “most bang for your buck” out of your Time spent Exercising.   And as we have discussed before, since they are COMPLEX movements, the need for Great Form / Mechanics is very important.  Make sure and see some of our GB Exercise Demo videos on Olympic lifts such as: Clean; Power Clean; Snatch; 1 Arm Alt. Snatch

Nutrition: LeAnne had a wonderful dinner for just the 2 of us last night on our DATE NITE!  It was actually already prepared and she just had to heat it all up in the pan.  She got it pre cooked at Kroger here in town.  They have an awesome selection of precooked vegetables and meats.  This makes it very easy for you, and it is very reasonably priced.  She bought sliced Steak and a mix of asparagus, peppers, and some other vegetable I can not think of right now all for under $10.  So the 2 of us ate some Nutritious “preprepared” meals for less than $5 each.  Pretty good I say, especially for the “Convenience”. 

Now of course in most cases, using the same exact foods, you will usually cook “healthier” when you prepare and cook the foods yourself.  In this case though, I believe it is still a “healthier” option to buy it this way when the food used is literally “fresh” right there at the grocery store.  So this is something I do recommend for you to take advantage of if you are looking for a more “convenient” and healthy way to prepare foods for you and your family.  If for whatever reason you do not believe that this is the best for you, then dont do it of course.  Just remember though, your goal is to find ways to make “better” choices when it comes to Nutrition / Food.  Even though something may not be the “BEST” choice, does not mean it is not a great choice for you if it is going to be a BETTER choice!


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