Throw away the Stealers. Get into the Givers!

jpdbmexicoGB DW (daily workout)

5 Rounds- Complete as fast as you can             

1 Minute – Run / Jump Rope, then

1 Minute – Situps

Check out these 2 Cool Dudes from our vacation last summer.  Getting ready for Summertime baby!

We had an awesome Easter / RESURRECTION DAY yesterday.  I told our Pastor that was the best Easter Service I believe I had ever been in.  Man it was awesome.  I expect that you and your family had a great day yesterday too.  It was an awesome opportunity to pay special Remembrance to the ONE that made it all Happen for us: JESUS!

Remember that He loves you.  IN HIM, for you, there literally is No Condemnation, No Guilt, No Shame, and No fear.  It is amazing how much these can hold you back and down from ever seeing HIS best in your health and life.  These are literally health and life “stealers”.  BUT, when we realize, Confess, and “TAKE” HIS Love and His Power as ours, then we throw these “stealers” down and literally let HIS Power in us be Health and Life “Givers”!!


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