Forgiveness for Your Health

johnsoneaster2014GB DW (daily Workout)

Movement Stretches x 8 each

1 min max reps- Pushup Row

1 min max reps – Bodyweight Squats

1 min max reps – Xcrunch

1 min max reps – Pushup Row

*30 seconds rest between each Exercise.

Here are the Johnsons for Easter 2014.  Man I have a most Beautiful family.  Yes I do!!  Me and the boys are not always the most excited about taking family pictures, but thank goodness for a great wife and Mommy.  She makes sure we make it happen and as always I am very grateful she does.

FORGIVENESS.  That is a big and powerful word.  Last night I was talking with a friend and this subject came up.  He was hurt pretty bad and in the natural it would look like for him it could be pretty tough to actually “Forgive” the person that hurt him.  The main thing for him, and any of us, is to realize that God tells us point blank in The Word “to Forgive” anyone that has wronged us.  **Now realize many times when we get “wronged”, the person we believe wronged us does not even know that we think they purposely did something to hurt us.  But as they say “Perception is Reality”.  Either way, when we believe someone did us wrong, it is extremely important for us to literally Forgive them and let it go. 

Now you have to know this: Just because you Forgive someone does not mean you will forget about it.  The situation will come up in your thoughts for years later.  That is when it is very important to “grab hold” of your thoughts and “put them to the obedience of Christ.”  You literally say “God told me to forgive so I did.  And if He told me to forgive then that means He gave me the power to do so.  I forgave them, and now I choose to not hold any bad feelings towards them.  I forgave them, so it is done.”

God knew, and knows, that unforgiveness brings bitterness, anger, and stress.  This stress from unforgiveness will literally eat your body alive.  It can cause very poor health over a course of time, and sometimes immediately.  So remember that God told you to forgive, SO YOU CAN.  Dont wait until you “Feel Like It”.  And dont wait until you think you can literally Forget about it.  Those 2 scenarios are very unlikely to come to pass.  And when you walk in that Unforgiveness you are most of the time doing absolutley no harm to them, only to yourself!




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