Dramatic BEFORE and AFTER Testimony

jasontGB DW

3 Minute Fast Walk / Jog

10+ Minutes – Run 1 Minute, Walk 1 Minute


I may have posted this Before and After pic of JT before on godbuilt.com, but I wanted you to see it again if so.  This is a great Testimony of a true health and life Changing PROCESS.  As you can see in the pics the Health and LIFE Changing PROCESS in the picture is from 2008 – 2012.  And JT is still making improvements.  What is the difference, or the “trick” for how we got such great results? Well as you have found out in life, there was, and is, no “trick”.  He simply made a choice TO START.  And from there he just kept at it, and the Results made it all Worth it.

Now it is easy for us to see the Before and After from the pics and if any of you know him personally and got to see firsthand the transformation.  What most dont see though is all the “IN BETWEEN”.  And the “IN Between” is where the Battle is fought and won.  Yes it is a Battle, and yes it is not fair sometimes.  But remember what we say about that: WHO CARES?!  By HIS Stripes and the Total Price HE paid we were healed, made whole and complete in every way!  So in the midst of any battle we can literally Rejoice because we know IN HIM we win.  And yes that does mean here on this earth too.  Yes we win and get to live in heaven for eternity and that is the most wonderful thing by far.  Also we have a life to live here on this earth and HE wants us and Paid a PRICE for us to be able to walk in success in our health and life, no matter what the battle and no matter how long it takes.  We must EXPECT TO WIN!!  We already have IN HIM, so all we have to do is Believe it and TAKE it as ours, expecting to see it and walk it in our health and lives.


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