Good “Company” can be to your Advantage!

gameshape2014partyGB DW

Movement Stretches x 8 each

Max Reps n 4 Minutes- Pushup Leg Tucks

Check out our youth enjoying their end of the winter spring Game Shape 2014 party.  Coach Jen and Coach Max had a party for them to celebrate all their hard work and committment.  They had popsicles and as you can tell they enjoyed them.  One of our GB athletes that has been working out with us for 3 years now came in during the party and said: “KJ, I have been working out with you for 3 years and I never got a popsicle!”  Pretty funny.  Anyway, the kids had a great time.

Speaking of these kids and us “rewarding” them for a job well done, it is so good to see them coming to our Game Shape program, coming consistently, working HARD, and literally Enjoying the hard work!  They actually love it!  And while sometimes we have FUN games for them, they still have pretty tough workouts every day, and they come out with smiles on their faces, and sweat dripping off of them.  And then they cant hardly wait to get back for the next workout.  Man it is great to see that.

I am just like you in that “working out” most of the time aint FUN!  But me and you should do a better job of finding a way to make it more Fun and choose to get excited about “Moving”.  For us the best way to do that is to constantly keep on our minds the “Results” we know are going to come from the hard work.  Another key in making it more “fun” is having a consistent group or friend to work out with.  I know for me I have a certain group that I work out with sometimes on Saturday mornings.  I know that the workouts we are going to do are going to be very tough, but I still truly look forward to those Saturday mornings.  And the main reason is the “company” that I am with!  Think about that, and find a way to join in with some good “company”.


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