“GUARANTEED” Weight Loss Meal Plan!

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Max Rounds n 4 / 7 minutes: 10 Squat Jumps, 10 Pushup Shoulder Stands

Check out this Meal that is a good example of a high quality, Fat Burning, Health promoting simple meal.  Eating healthy and “Eating to lose bodyfat” is really not hard at all.  Probably the biggest set back most have with “eating healthy” is they build it up in their head as something that is going to be “so hard”, and that is a lie.  Now even though it truly is not hard, if you “percieve” it is going to be hard, then most likely it will be.  “Your perception is your reality”.  So lets make sure and not make this “HEALTHY EATING” thing out to be such a chore! Yes it is a change and it usually takes some getting used to.  Realize though that it is most likely much simpler than it may seem. 

You have read, and heard, us talk many times here at God-Built about a simple plan for eating to improve health and lose BODYFAT.  It is basically along these simple guidelines:

2 meal Replacement shakes – protein powder, frozen fruit, almond / peanut butter, and or coconut oil. *(or use a “full” prepackaged meal replacement powder)

1 high nutrient profile Meal – 1-2 serv lean meat, 2+ servings of nutrient rich veggies such as: broccoli, spinach, greens, peppers, asparagus.

Snack 1-2 times in between meals if needed: small serv. whole yogurt; nuts & seeds

And that is all there is to it!  And it works very well.  In our 40 Day Health and Life workbook we have a “40 day” journal for keeping up with several “health” aspects including your nutrition.  In this 40 Day plan, we basically follow a weekly plan of: 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off.  This means you eat very healthy for “on” days, and the “off” days you eat pretty much anything you want, but in very controlled / limited portions.  I am personally not a big fan of setting in “off” days because to me it puts you in the wrong mindset and true understanding of a high quality nutrition plan.  I understand too that many people need to see that “off” day where they can look forward to a “break” so to speak.  And if this is what it takes in the beginning to get me and you on the right track, then so be it. 

We had this posted up on the godbuilt.com homepage, but sometime back we had some internet issues and it got knocked off.  Well we are working now to get it back up for you.  Sorry for the delay. 

I was reminded of all this “diet” and “nutrition plan” today when I was reading about a “guaranteed” weight loss and health plan.  They guaranteed you that you would get results if you followed their plan.  And I have followed this company for some time now and believe these guys do know their “stuff”.  The intriguiing thing was that there “guaranteed” program was pretty much what I just gave you above, and what we have talked about many times before.  It was basically 2 Meal Replacement shakes, then 1 Meal in the evening consisting of lean meat, vegetables, + 1 small serving of complex carbs such as barley, quinoa, and or peas. 

There is no magic or secret plan.  It just takes good ole basics, and you CHOOSING to apply this.  We all struggle with good nutrition to some extent in our everyday lives.  Just get started NOW doing 1 or 2 things that are Positive, and you already know they are good!


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