Mo Cardio = Mo Weight Loss?, WRONG!

cousinsgarfieldGB DW (daily workout)

5-8 rounds for Fastest Time

10 Situps,  10 Pushups, 10 SuperCrunch

This is a neat pic from Garfield a few weekends back.  I took the boys and their cousins on a tractor and wagon ride.  The Ford 3000 is still going strong!

I just read 3 Research Reviews this morning about the “ineffectiveness” of traditional “CARDIO” training for weight/ bodyfat loss.  In all 3 studies the participants did 4, 5, or 6 days of 45 minutes plus of “Traditional Steady State Cardio” training and “dieted” for 3 months to 1 year.  Results showed in 2 of the shortest studies, 3 months and 6 months, the peole who did all the ‘cardio” work did not lose any more weight than the ones who “dieted” only.  In the 1 year study, the participants did 6 days / week of 1 hour steady state cardio training and only lost an average of 3.5lbs more than the ones who only dieted.  Now as the author of this review stated, the people were probably “healthier” for their Exercise, but all those added up long hours of training did not produce the desired “weight loss” benefits that most still believe come from long sessions of steady state cardio.

The authors main point was that you dont have to do long sessions of traditional “cardio” training in order to lose weight.  And that there are much better ways to improve your overall health, including your cardiovascular fitness, that can be done in much less time!  And as you know, here at God-Built we believe in being Effecient with our time, and helping you to find the better, and BEST, ways to Exercise for Time Effeciency and RESULTS! 

**Now remember this: If you enjoy doing “traditional Cardio”, then do it!  If you enjoy getting on a cardio machine and going for 20, 30, or more minutes, then do it.  If you enjoy getting outside and Running, then do it!  Just make sure of 2 main things:

1. You learn how to RUN Correctly (majority of people i see running are running with very poor mechanics.  And this leads to injury!)

2. You learn how to “program” your running workouts correctly.  Basically you know how to “not run” too many miles and or hours.  You mix in shorter Runs, and “INTERVAL RUNS”. 

For most people though, my experience has been that they do Traditional “cardio” simply because they believe it is the best way to “LOSE WEIGHT”.   And that is very far from the Truth.  Yes we all have heard the stories where someone started “running” and lost a lot of weight.  The problem is though that is not the “norm”.  It is kind of like those infomercials.  If you read the fine print on tv or in a magazine ad, you can see very clearly printed “Results NOT typical”.  ANd from my end of coaching Health and Life programs since 1996, this is what I have seen too, that the majority of people who start “running” or doing long sessions of Steady State Cardio dont get the huge weight and or bodyfat loss.   The Truth is that High Intensity Interval Training, what we have been doing here at God-Built for well over 12 years now, is the most Time Effecient and Result Producing way to lose weight and bodyfat, particularly when you add in a great Nutrition Plan. 

So if you dont just enjoy long sessions of Cardio Training, then dont do it!  If you do enjoy those, just make sure and do it correctly and you mix in “Interval Taining”.  You can mix it in by doing Interval Sprints with running, biking, rowing, swimming, cardio machines, etc.  And you can, and definitely should, mix in at least 1-2 days of RESISTANCE Interval Training using your bodyweight and or weights and bands.  Get on it dog’on it!


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