Cooking OILS to NOT Use. & OILS to use!

dinner13GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

4 rounds, no rest between rounds

1 min Max Squat, 1 min Max Pushups

This is a “dinner” meal I had last week, or as we say down in Garfield, “Supper“:

3 whole eggs, whole guacamole w/ homemade salsa, cup black coffe.

This meal was loaded with high quality protein and fat.  It was very easy to make and even easier to eat!  Good stuff.  This was not a “preplanned” meal.  I just knew I was hungry, wanted something healthy, quick and tasty.  So this is what I threw together.  Good stuff!

On the subject of “Healthy” eating and FAT, you know that here at God-Built we promote “upping” your fat intake.  One kind of fat of course we recommend to STAY AWAY from though is “Trans Fats”.  You find trans fats in many prepackaged foods you get at the grocery stores and restaurants.  Also some fats that you just may be cooking with can “convert” into trans fats under high heat cooking conditions.  Here is a list of some of the “cooking oils” you dont want to use for cooking with:

1. Canola – rated #1 worse; 2. Soybean Oil; 3. Corn Oil; 4. Sunflower Oil

The top 3 Oils I would recommend for cooking with:

1. Natural butter; 2. Coconut Oil; 3. Olive oil (use in “low heat” cooking)

Now there may be other great cooking oil options that I dont have listed here.  The biggest thing to remember is to find a way to stay away for the most part from the 4 listed above.  There may be others, but these 4 were the top “worse” ones I was reminded about this morning. 

There you go, more stuff from GODBUILT.COM to help you to literally take control of your health and life!


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