Do this vs. a Strict Diet

beachboys3GB DW

Movement Stretches x 8 each

25 / 50 squats, 25 / 50 pushup shoulder stand

Check out the boys at the beach last year.  They had a big time of course and loved hunting for “treasures” on the beach, especially little critters.  I had to share this pic with you cause it got me all jacked up and ready for the BEACH!

I was reading again today from a health “expert” that for most it is much better to simply make DAILY contious choices for better Nutrition / Dietary choices  vs. trying to follow a strict diet.  No matter the reason, it is true that most people have not and will not stick to a strict diet for long.  This “expert” was saying that there is much proof that just being contious every day to make better choices renders much better results, especially over the long haul.

Here are a few “simple” examples of these “simple” Continuous choices that you can make per meal for 1 or more meals during the day:

Drink water instead of sweetened drinks

Dont eat the bread on a sandwich, or at least only eat 1 piece

Skip the dessert, or have fruit instead

Only eat half or 2/3 of your plate, especially if eating out

Cut out grains (remember grains arent “bad” of themselves)

Eat a high quality bar or protein shake in place of meal

And there are many other simple things you can do to make better choices during the day in order to improve your health through Nutrition.  Dont let it become such a big deal.  Yes realize and remind yourself it is important but dont let it become overwhelming.  Doing this and making the simple “Daily” adjustments adds up over time and truly makes a difference for YOU!


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