Donuts and Healthy Eating!?

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50 / 100 reps x each

Jump Rope / Jumpn Jacks, Squats, Pushups, Situps / SuperCrunch, JRope / Jumpn Jacks

Check out me and my little man at his school this morning.  I got invited for “Donuts for Dad”!  What a blessing to have such a great country, a great state, a great city, and a great school so that we have the Freedom and Opportunity to do awesome stuff like this.  We are blessed!!  Me and David Ben had a awesome time hanging out and eating our donuts.  Yes I very happily had one and it was quite tasty.

Speaking of “donuts” and other such “not so healthy” foods: The key is to simply not let these types of food control you and to be the norm for you.  It is not about trying to make yourself never have something like a donut and or icecream.  The problem is when these types of foods become a normal occurence, as in almost daily.  And yes it is true the quicker and bigger results you want to obtain from better nutrition, then the more “Strict” you are going to need to be.  You just have to decide what you want and how quick you want to get there. 

So while you are on the road to “better and Healthier Eating”, one thing that can help you is to remember that it is ok to eat some of the “less healthy” foods that you may consider to be “treats”, just make sure it does not become the norm.  It is kind of like the saying: “Just make sure you do it (whatever it is that you believe is the right thing to be doing) more than you dont do it.” And when you do this, even though it may not be the most optimum way to approach Better Nutrition, it still can and will produce Health and LIfe Improvements.


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