Working out at GB helps Sam improve Diabetic Issues

samanthacraigwilsonGB DW (daily workout)

15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 x crunch, 15 Bridge

Max Rounds n 5/7/9 minutes

14 Walking Lunges, 14 Leg Tucks

In the picture is Craig and Samantha Wilson.  Craig has been working out with us here at GB for some time now, and Samantha, his wonderful wife just started with us in February.  She was diagnosed with “Diabetic” issues and has seen tremendous health improvements since working out here at GOD-BUILT.  You have to take the time to read this awesome Testimony:

“In June of 2013 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, all my levels were off the chart. I was walking around, unknowingly, with an A1c of 16, average sugar reading of 400+. Originally, since it was type 2, I wanted to control it by diet and exercise. No matter how hard I tried, what I ate or how much I tried to control everything it wasn’t working. By August I then decided I wanted to get a second opinion, see if there may be a different approach. By this point I had coped with the fact that I was 25 and a diabetic, I had prayed about it, cried about it, been angry and even denied it. I knew from this point forward nothing would be the same. I was going into this second opinion thinking this is my diagnosis; we will just change the approach. My world was immediately rocked when the words type 1, insulin dependent, and insulin pumps were thrown around.  For 2 months I had been trying to control all of this, which was well out of my control, on my own. I was slowly introducing my body to insulin, while still watching what I was eating and exercising. By January I was up to 10+ units of insulin with every meal, literally flying through insulin as soon as I picked it up from the pharmacy. My husband, Craig, had mention working out at God Built a few times before I actually made time for it. I finally broke down in February and decided I would give it a try. In the beginning I was going to God Built for the exercise, just like anyone, I was trying to get in shape. Quickly, I learned that when I was exercising on my own I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. My sugar readings were changing drastically and that became my main motivation to continue. Not to mention the awesome people I met, the motivation comes easy when you enjoy the company. Little by little I was adjusting my insulin on my own, to keep myself from crashing after, during or the next day from the workouts.

 After minimal adjustments on my own I eagerly awaited my next visit with my doctor to hear the “final” results. At that appointment it was recorded that I was taking 10+ units of insulin per meal. By the time I left this appointment my insulin use had changed to 4 units per meal and 2 units with the meal before my exercise. My A1c is now a normal 7.0 and my sugar readings are under control. Needless to say the motivation to continue with God Built has only grown stronger and I only hope to continue to improve.”  Samantha Wilson

NUFF SAID!!  Get on it dog’on it1


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  1. Sammie,
    I’m so proud of you, keep up the good work. You are a blessing to all of us. Thanks goes to your hard work, Craig’s insperation and your new friends at God built!!
    I love you very much,
    Lisa McCormack.

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