Basics. Advanced. Either way, Just MOVE!

jpboxjumpGB DW (daily workout)

Max Rounds n 5/7/10 min: 20 Jumping Jacks / Power Jacks, 20 Squats

Check out Joshua Paul doing some good ole “Box Jumps”.  Box Jumps are a great exercise to train Explosion, Coordination, Core Strength, and Athletic Quickness.  Just like with any other Exercise, you have to learn how to do them correctly.  For those who are more advanced, you can use a wooden Box.  For those just starting out, it is best to start by using a “soft” box or bag like the one in the pic.  This will help you to build your confidence before possibly going on to a wooden box. 

Box Jumps are one of those Exercises that can definitely be used to UP your Intensity during workouts and to increase your Performance.  You have to remember though to start off correctly and dont do too much too quick.  And if for whatever reason you decide you do not want to do them, then…. DON’T!  You can have a tremendous workout program and never ever do Box Jumps.  Make sure and dont fall into the trap of thinking you have to do what someone else does and or tells you that you have to do in order to “Get Fit”.  Push yourself, and at the same time use WISDOM!  You do not have to do a bunch of Fancy exercises in order to become FIT.  And there is no 1 exercise that is going to be “the 1” that you have to do or you wont get results.  That is just not true. 


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  1. I agree whole heartedly!! Also, without good coaching your knees may blow out ..not to mention, looking good now and feeling good at an older age are two very different things that deserve our attention 🙂

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