Your Health, Your Life!! Make it Great baby!

gameshapewoutGB DW (daily workouts)

Choose 2-3 for The Weekend!

1. Walk / Jog 3 minutes, then for 10 Rounds: 1 min Run/Sprint, 1 min Walk

2. In 5 minutes, go to the highest Number possible, going from 1, 2, 3, 4,…. and on up of the following exercises:

Squat, Pushup Leg Tuck, Situp

3. Max Jump Rope or Jumpn Jacks n 7 min

The pic is from one of our Game Shape workouts this past season.  We will be starting our first Summer 2014 Game Shape Camp next week!  Ye baby!  It is going to be great.  The kids are going to have a great time, and get a lot out of it.

Some Reminders for you for your Health:

It is Your health and life.  You choose to take control of it!

You Choose to control Food and not let food control you!

Realize you have the power from almighty God Himself, In Jesus Christ, to do the above 2!

Choose to think the Right Thoughts and Say the right Words!

Know just who you are IN CHRIST!!

Be Thankful!  All the time!

Focus on HIS LOVE for you!



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