Load up on Summertime Vegetables for better health!

lunch4GB DW (daily workout)

2 Minute Walk / Run, 1 Minute Max Squats, 1 Minute Max Pushups, 1 Minute Max Situps, 1 Minute Max Burpees, 2 Minute Run

Summer Time Vegetables!  Summer Time is a great time to get some extra “fresh” vegetables into your Eating plan.  Just like the pic of my Turkey Roll and fresh tomatoes.  Fresh vegetables are delicious and of course very Nutritious.  So take time and get you some of these ‘fresh” and “locally grown” Vegetables while the gettin is good this summer.  Remember you most likely either know someone who has a garden and or you can get some of the good stuff at your local Farmer’s Market. 

High Quality Water, Good Meats, Many Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, Whole Eggs, Organic whole Dairy, Avocado, Coconut Oil, High Quality Nutrit. Bars (cliff, Kind, Zone).  Make these the largest portion of your Daily intake and you will be doing great!


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