Updated Pic of KJ’s recommended Nutrit Bars

barsGB DW (daily workout)

50 Jumping Jacks / Jump Rope,    10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Situps

Max Reps n 1 min of each Exercise.  Rest 30 seconds between each exercise:

Squats, Pushups, Situps, Pushup Leg Tucks

Here is a good pic of some of my favorite Nutrition Bars.  As you have probably heard me say before regarding “Nutrition Bars”: Most are crap and you might as well eat a Snicker’s Bar or something of the like!  And that is the truth.  Many Nutrition Bars have a big list of “no good” ingredients.  So to find a good high quality Bar is important because just because it is labeled as a “Nutrition Bar” does not mean that it is “good for you.”

All of the above are the ones that I recommend: Clif Mojo, Clif Builder, Kind, and Zone perfect (d0uble dark chocolate mine and Joshua Paul’s favorite!).  Now all of these have pretty good quality ingredients.  The Zone may be the most questionable, but I still think it is ok and I use it myself.  And one of the biggest issues with these is that they are also very easily available.  You can usually find these at most grocery stores, Walmart, and Target. 

When you are working on improving your EATING HABITS, having a good source of Nutrition Bars can really help because they are very convenient and can be very healthy.  No they may not be the best option, but yes they are a “better” option for those of us who are not “perfect” with our eating!  So use them if you want.  I highly recommend them.



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