4 Tips for Eating Out

wout10GB DW (daily workout)

Max Jump Rope / Air jumps n 6 minutes

Check out 3 of our Sports Performance athletes doing some 1 ARM ALT. DB SNATCHES in one of our workouts this week.  All 3 of them have a pretty good looking “setup”, or starting “Pull” Stance as we call it.  Keep it up young men!


Over the last 2-3 weeks we have given the boys the choice several times to choose where they wanted to go for lunch or dinner.  Of course as you can figure, they chose “fast food”.  I will eat fast food, but I am not a big fan.  So when I go I just do as we always encourage you to do when going out to eat: “I make a BETTER Choice.”  And to “make a Better Choice” is a big key when it comes to eating healthy.  We all will find outselves having to eat out at fast food, gas stations, etc in this life.  So the goal is to do your best to limit your visits to places like this for food, but be realistic and know that it will happen sometimes. (( Now there are a few keys to limiting how many times you do eat at “less than best” places such as: Cook at home more!; Be prepared at work and on the road with Nutrition Bars, Protein shakes, etc; Eating Healthy Leftovers.))  So knowing that it will happen, be prepared with these 4 Tips.

So here are your Tips for Eating Out:

1.  Know that you can always make a “Better” Choice.  Even at a gas station you can find a “Better” choice.  Even though that Better choice may not be very “healthy” it still can be “Healthier” than many other available options!!

2. Cut out the Grains (breads mainly!)  As you know we believe that Grains in their “God-Intended” state can be healthy.  Most grains though, especially those at fast food places are not anywhere near their “God-Intended” state.  So buy foods and or order meals that have no or low grains.  And if you order a “sandwich” just eat the meat and not the bread.  Easy

3. Drink Water!  this is an easy one but many times when people visit gas stations and or fast food places while on the road they take the mentality of “While in Rome…”  So avoid that mentality and always be thinking how you can make Better Choices.

4. Control Quantity- if you are going to have that food that you know is not so good and or just flat out very unhealthy, then go ahead.  I mean you are going to anyway.  So the best thing to do is cut the quantity way back.  Only eat half that “small” bag of tater chips.  Only drink half of that mountain dew.  Eat half of that double bacon cheeseburger especially since you are eating the bread too!

And there you go.  4 Simple Tips to help you to make better choices even when making better choices may seem impossible!


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