Unlock that Truth that is inside You!

kjlucygolfcartGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 20 each

50 / 100 / 150 Pushups

Check out me and my Girlfriend riding on the decked out golf cart July 4th!!  She’s super cute and loves riding on the golf cart. 

The Johnson’s had a wonderful 4th of July celebration: Parade; Fun on the Lake; and Fireworks at night.  Great stuff.  It was a long day, and a very good day.  I expect you had a great one too.

Yesterday at church we had a celebration service to celebrate the Blessing we have here in the great USA to live with such FREEDOM.  We are truly Blessed by God to live in this wonderful country.  And it is all because of His love for us.  Always remember that any blessing you have and will have is all because He loves you.  He wants you, and designed it already for you, to walk in His abundance of Peace, Love, Health, and Joy.  We have a part to play and the biggest part of that is simply to allow Him to show us more and more how much He loves us and what all His Love has done for us.  We have been totally Empowered to walk in that true “Promised” Blessing through Jesus Christ, and that blessing includes health, wealth, Peace, and Wisdom.  Again our part first and foremost is to recognize this, accept it as truth (believe it), then recieve, or TAKE, it is ours.  Then as we choose to do the things we believe in the natural that will help us to improve our health, we are doing those things with total Confidence, knowing that we are only “unlocking” that Abundant Health that is already inside us!  Good stuff from the Truth, The Word!!


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