Spirit, Soul, Body. Use this as a powerful Tool!

johnsonjuly42014GB DW (daily workout)

For 10 Minutes: walk / jog 100 meters, then Run 100 meters.  Keep repeating for the max number of rounds you can complete

Ok here is the Johnson Family July 4th pic from last week.  For the last several years we have decorated our Golf Cart in USA stuff and drove it to the parade.  We love it and yes Lucy gets to go too!  Good stuff.  Good memories!


Here at God-Built we believe that Exercise and Nutrition are important components of a good and solid Health Program, but they are by no means the most important components.  We believe that according to The Word, we are a spirit, we have a soul (our mind will and emotions), and we live in a body.  As we realize this we can use this as a foundation and a framework to build our Health Program on. 

Since we are “a spirit” we have to realize that just exercising and eating right will not get to the root of who we are and not allow us to tap into the true power of who we are if we are to make positive changes.  Now I am going to keep this very brief here.  Basically as we realize that we came from God, and since thru Christ we, our true selves, our spirits, have been totally recreated and made NEW, then inside is the real us.  Inside in our spirits lies all that we truly are, The Truth.  Thru Christ, in our spirits, we are already equipped with everything we need to overcome and Win and Conquer in our health and every other area of life.

Also, God has given us our soul, or what we refer to as our mind will and emotions.  These are tools he has given us and we are to control them and not let them control us.  We are to use them to help us to literally control our health, our bodies, our lives, and walk out His Best here on this earth.  As we control these we can literally steer our health in the right direction. 

Now of course we have a natural body that needs movement and it needs to be fed high quality foods in the right amounts.  So the Exercise and Nutrition are important but they literally are secondary to the spirit and the soul.  By understanding that we are literally made new in our spirits and we have all the power we will ever need to walk in abundant health, we can live in peace and joy on the inside no matter what may be happening around us.  And that Peace that He has given us thru Christ literally brings “vibrance” and “life” to our physical bodies.  Also, as we learn to control and use our mind, will, and emotions to think and to speak the Truth, we can literally cause positive hormonal releases in the body that brings life! 

All this is very basic and brief but if you will think on this and realize that it is Truth, and use this as a foundational tool, you can literally take control of your health and life.


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