Do you have to “workout” at a gym? God’s Design….

jpdbwoutGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

25 squat, 25 pushups, 25 leg tucks

50 Squat Press w/ bb or dbs for fastest time

The boys are working hard in this pic trying to move some heavy weight on our cable machines.  They love coming up here and “playing” with all the workout stuff.  It is actually pretty neat to watch them invent new movements and figure different ways to use the equipment.  Sounds like maybe a great idea for a New Workout Program! 

ON the subject of working out and Exercise.  We all know that it is important, to “workout” or Move that is.  My stance on Exercise and Working out is basically that our bodies were designed to MOVE.  And they were awesomely designed by our Awesome Creator who made our bodies to be highly effecient, powerful, healing, and major Energy producing machines.  I do not believe that you have to “workout” at a gym or a “Performance Facility” like God-Built in order to be healthy.  I just believe you need to be Moving everyday, or several days per week, in some way.  And this movement needs to include 1 or both of the 2 following basic protocols over the course of time:

1. Low-Medium Intensity physical work for medium-long range time periods over the course of a day

2. High Intensity physical work for short range time periods over the course of a day

Basically each day or at least several days per week you need to be “moving” at low-medium intensities for longer periods of time like 20 minutes – hour, and or you need to be “moving” at higher intensities for shorter times like 5 – 20 minutes.  This “MOVING”, or physical work does not have to be working out at a gym or Performance Facility.  This can be working in the yard, moving boxes, carrying buckets of water, running to the mailbox, swimming with the kids, hiking, playing chase, and a bunch of other things.   And if your daily job requires physical labor, then that may be just enough for you! 

Now because most of us do not have jobs that require much physical labor, then we have to find another alternative since most of our days are spent at our jobs.  And that is where a “gym” or Performance Facility like GOD-BUILT comes in.  So see I do not believe that it is necessarily God’s design that we have to “workout” as most of us think of when we hear the word “workout”.  It was basically God’s design and still is for us to be able to move all day everyday at low intensities and high intensities as needed, and to be able to do this very effeciently.  Since most of us now in our world today have jobs that demand little to no movement, we have to find a way outside our normal “day” to MOVE!  And this is where having a place to get a time effecient (GOD-BUILT)”workout” in comes in handy.

Remember, God made your body truly an effecient body fat burning, powerful, healed, and amazing physical specimen.  WORKING OUT, as most of us think of it ,is important since our jobs usually do not require much physical effort, but our bodies need it.  Remember our bodies were designed to physically perform and they were designed to “MOVE”!  So find a way to GET MOVING! 




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