Mamma. Living the Life!!

mammabeachhatGB DWs (daily workouts)

Choose 2-3 for the Weekend!

Warmup before any of the workouts: 15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 situps, 15 bridges

1. Max Burpees n 5 minutes

2. 50 / 100 Burpees for best Time

3. 4 rounds for fastest time: 15 burpees, 150 jropes

Mamma!  If you have heard me talk about my Mamma, then you know how highly I think of her.   In fact if you talk to anyone who knows Mamma, you will find out how highly everyone thinks of her.  She is just that kind of person.  She is a true Proverbs 31 woman.  She is basically and simply a GIVER!  All my life that is all I have seen her do is GIVE.  Give in her time, her love, her kindness, encouragement, more love, more time, and PRAYER.  I know for a fact that I owe a lot of the blessing I have experienced in life to prayers lifted up over me from the time I was born.  And Mamma is one of those that I automatically think of concerning someone who spent probably many hours over the years lifting me up in Prayer, just like I know my mom and dad did.  I love my Mamma, and she is very special to me.  She is just super special!  I thank God for her.

I am telling you all this for 2 reasons: 1. Just because I like to brag on my Mamma; 2. Because I believe we all can learn from Mamma and it would go a long way for us personally and those around us if we would strive to be more like Mamma.  And basically it is simple to follow her lead: Put others first.  And there are some good and True stories of a man that lived on this earth a little over 200o years ago who was the prime example of this!  

So have a great weekend!  Get you 2-3 of the GB DWs listed above in for some great Exercise.  And think about Mamma and be a GIVER!! 


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