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godbuilt-ApparelGB DW

Run / walk 1 mile for fastest time

50/100 reps each- squat, pushup, supercrunch

The picture here is from the homepage right here on Remember this is a direct link to our GB apparel store. There are several styles for men, women, and children with many colors to choose from.  And all the prices are very good too.  Make sure and get your cool new GB tshirt today right here on!!

My personal favorite as far as looks and feel is the “Next Level tri-blend” tshirt.  I have several of these for my daily GB wear and so do all our trainers. These are super comfortable and look great in all the colors.

Get yours today! Ye baby!

Remember this for better health & life:

Be a Giver

Be Thanful

You control Food.  You do Not let food control you.

You control your thoughts, emotions, and Words.  Do Not let them control you.

Know that HE loves you and He did empower you thru Jesus Christ to do and Win at all the above, therefore enabling you to live a vibrant and awesome Life!



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