Soak up Today! Make a Better Tomorrow!

boysbeach2014GB DW (daily workout)

50 / 100 Jumpin Jacks / Power Jacks

5 rds for Fastest Time:  22 Situps, 100 JRope

Here is another pic of the boys from our Beach Trip last week.  This was the night we went to the new Dave & Busters at PC.  Now that was Big Time for them.  Video Game heaven! 

You know, it is fun to see how excited the boys get about stuff, all the time.  They (and I am sure most young kids) truly live 1 day at a time like the wisest man of all time instructed us.  They live for today, and they are all about “soaking up” as much fun as they can.  Now of course as we get older we all take on more responsibilities and it is not all about “having fun”.  At the same time though we should aim to Maximize our days and truly Enjoy the moment, or the Journey

We all get caught up in just “trying to get by” and or “get through” the day.  And that is not the way we should look at life at all.  I know this as much or more than anyone because I know I have been very guilty of this in the past.  Sometimes I understand this is going to be the case and it is ok as long as it does not become a common thing.  Many times I believe our thoughts are: “Well, if I can just hurry  up and make it through today, then boy oh boy tomorrow I will really seize the day, stay on top of things, and Enjoy the Journey.”  Well the problem there is that “tomorrow” usually never gets here.  We just keep putting it off. 

So my challenge and your challenge is to simply do what that wise man, JESUS, said to do: Focus on today.  Do our best today.  Enjoy Today!  Seize Today!  Maximize Today!  Dont wait till tomorrow, because tomorrow will most likely present the same problems and will offer the same appeal to just “get through”. 

ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  You were made to Enjoy the Journey.  You were created to Seize the Day!  You were made to Conquer today.  Get on it dog’on it!


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