5 Tips for Better Health…. and Life!

jpboxjumpGB DWs (daily workouts)

Choose 1-2 for Your Weekend!:

1. Jog 5 Min., then 4 x 200m Sprint w/ 2 minute rest between sprints., then 6 x 100m Sprints w/ 45 seconds rest between sprints

2. 50 / 75 Pushup Leg Tucks

Joshua Paul knocking out some “Box Jumps”!  Box Jumps are a great exercise to increase Athletic Performance and overall fitness.  Just make sure youwarmup very good and you stay very “AWARE”, especially if using Wood boxes.

Tips for Better Health:

Dont worry, Be Happy!  Realize that God’s peace lives and reigns inside you.  As you realize this and choose to accept it as Truth for YOU personally, you will begin to think on good and not focus on the negative.  You will let HIS Peace shine through you!

Choose 1-2 things you can do right now to “do better” with your Nutrition.  And making 1-2 simple changes can add up over time to Big Results!

Choose to Exercise for a few minutes a day.  Remember here at God-Built we are big promoters of short and intense (always relative to the individual) workouts.  These workouts can be 3,4,5 + minutes and be greatly Effective for improving your health.

BE THANKFUL AND TO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEONE.  These are 2 powerful keys to living in God’s best in your health and your life.


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