Simple NUTRITION Tips that make a Huge Difference

dinner10GB DW (daily workout)

3 rds- 11 squats, 11 pushups, 11 situps

1,2,3,4,….10 reps of Squat Jumps, Leg Tucks, XCrunch for Fastest Time

*Do 1 rep of each exercise, then 2 reps of each, and so on until you reach and complete the final round of 10 reps of each

Check out the “Dinner Plate” I had some time back.  This is probably from last year, during the summer.  LeAnne’s dad always has a great Garden and gives us some awesome veggies fresh from his garden.  What a blessing!  Anyway as you can see in the pic there is a nice assortment of: tomatoes; cabbage (slaw); green beans; squash relish; lightly breaded okra (baked in oven).  This was Delicious and very Nutritious.  Make sure and take advantage of the “fresh” veggies while they last this summer.

Remember with Nutrition that it is NOT about eating “perfect”.  It is about simply “Improving”.  Adding in some fresh veggies is a simple way to do this.  Also, doing a few other simple things can help big time too such as:

Drinking only, or mostly, Water

Cutting back on grains (breads, pastas, rices, cereals) *remember our stance on this is that most people are eating the highly refined versions, and way too much quantity so it needs to be cut back overall.

Adding in good Fat sources: avocado (yes one of my favorite), virgin coconut oil, nuts and seeds, whole eggs,  nut and seed butters

Bringing “Lunch” with you to work

Keeping “healthy” Snacks at home, in your car, and at Work.

These are all very simple and very powerful.  Focus on Improving just a little at a time if that is what it takes.  And BELIEVE (Know, Expect) that it will help you to Improve your Health!


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