Keep that VISION in front!

jeepGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10 each

Max Rds n 7 / 10 minutes

15 Squats, 15 Dips (rings, chair, dip bar), 15 SuperCrunch

I put up the pic of my last CJ7 I built last year.  She was a beauty.  I am in the process of building a couple more CJ’s, so I will be able to post up some pics for you very soon of the new ones.  They are going to be awesome!

You know, I really enjoy “building” jeeps.  I love having a CJ, I love driving them, and I love “building” them.  BUILDING  a CJ is a lot like “building” your body. 

It takes “vision” up front to get the inspiration for what you want. 

You have to come up with a plan. **Remember “the plan” in most cases, yes with CJ’s too, will change, evolve, and sometimes get slap turned upside down.  

You have to get started.  And usually the FASTER you get started the less likely you will “put it off”!

You have to stay Consistent.

You have Continuously Remind yourself of your original, or Renewed, Vision of Picture of what YOU WANT!

The last key or tip from above is one of the most imporant ones.  You will run into obstacles and challenges.  Reminding yourself of that original, or Renewed, Vision will get you stirred back up and remotivated and INSPIRED to get back going.  So REMIND YOURSELF OF A VISION YOU HAD at one point for Improved Health and Fitness, or Renew that vision with a Fresh one.  Either way you must get a Picture of what you want and keep that “picture” before you.


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