Purpose In Front! And keep it there.

athletesprintGB DW (daily workout)

Jump Rope / Run n Place 2 min

Max DB Swings n 3/5 min

Check out Big Murph doing some 40 yd. sprints in the GB parking lot!  Murph has earned the right to play collegiate football and will be reporting to camp next week. 

Murphy actually worked out with us here at God-Built a few years ago.  Then this summer we were blessed to get him back in here to help him get ready for college football.  He is an extremely hard worker, very respectful, talented, and a strong young man In Christ!  He is and will be a successful man in life and a great Positive Influence for The Kingdom. 

Talking about Murphy makes me think of all the young athletes we have the opportunity to work with here at God-Built.  One thing most of them have in common is PURPOSE.  You know it is great to see a person with PURPOSE.  And really we all have PURPOSE, so I guess a better way to put it is to say a person that “understands” their Purpose.   A person that understands their Purpose will work extremely hard to accomplish their goals and they will stay Consistent.  And with many of our young athletes this is what I see.

We push them pretty hard, especially the ones going into the collegiate level and or that are already at that level.  As a former collegiate football player I understand the INTENSITY that they will face going into college.  So I do my best to prepare them for the extreme Mental and Physical challenges they will face.   So they do get pushed very hard here at GB.  And to see them keep coming back to take on those challenges reminds me about PURPOSE.  It reminds me that we all need to keep our PURPOSE in the forefront, in our “sight”. 

All of us truly have the main Purpose of being “good citizens” on this earth and to “Give”.  **(remember Jesus said “I didnt come to be served but To Serve).  We also can have other Purposes such as being in better or Great Health.  If better or Great health is what you want then make it a Purpose for yourself.  Keep it in front of you by reminding yourself of it.  Usually it helps to write it down and keep it posted on your computer, your mirror, your vehicle dash, etc.  Do what you need to do to keep your PURPOSE clear and in front.  And in that you will help yourself to stay focused and dedicated to accomplishing and fulfilling that Purpose!


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