ReIMAGINE. ReIMAGINE. Dont Stop!! You Will GET There!

cjframeoffGB DW (daily workout)

Max Jump Rope n 7 minutes

or Max Distance Running n 7 minutes

Check out my “Frame Off” CJ7 Restoration project.  This is a 1981 Original CJ7 Laredo.  Everything is being redone, rebuilt, and or replaced with new.  This “project” has been a long one and is still going to take some more time and “Patience”! 

This CJ frame off build has taken longer than I first estimated.  And it is just like our “health and life improvement” projects we all go through: We run into unforeseen circumstances and challenges.  In the middle of my project, I have questioned myself several times if I was doing the right thing, if I “Really” wanted to keep going, and if I had the “Commitment” to keep going to the End to get my desired Results.  Well each time these questions come up, I quickly remind myself of the “END RESULT” and get that picture or IMAGE in my mind.  And this is always REMOTIVATING AND INSPIRING. 

So you see, a CJ restoration project is much like you having a Goal to improve your health:

You Get Motivated and Inspired with an IMAGE of what you want.

You get a plan and get started.

Then you will run into CHALLENGES.

You must constantly Remind yourself of the GREAT OUTCOME that you Invisioned from the beginning.  You have to continue to use the VISION God gave you to “See” what you want before you actually See it!

So stay on it just like I am staying on my CJ restoration.  Realize that challenges will come, and sometimes change of plans come.  But dont let any of this Stop you!!  You keep remotivating and re IMAGINING the great Results you Expecting from the beginning!


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