Another very Basic, yet Powerful tool for YOU!

barsGB DW (daily workout)

20 x squats, pushup, supercrunch

50/100 (25r, 25l / 50r, 50l)            1 Arm DB Clean & Press

I posted this pic of some of my favorite Nutrition Bars a couple of weeks ago here on  And I know we all need constant REMINDERS of the Basics so here is your Reminder about Nutrition Bars. 

Nutrition Bars can be one of the best things for helping your to take control of and Improve your Eating habits.  They can be so super Convenient and very Healthy.  Now notice I said that they “can be“.  If you do not prepare by purchasing and keeping on hand a good supply of them, then they will not be “super Convenient”.  If you buy the wrong ones they will not be “very Healthy”. 

Now of course there are likely many other brands that are healthy other than the ones I like to use shown in the picture.  These are just my favorites that I trust, I like the taste, and I have used for a while.  The main thing for you is to find 1+ type of Nutrition Bars that you trust as far as quality, and you enjoy the taste.  Then buy a “boat load” of them so that you always have them on hand.  Keep some in your vehicle, at work, and wherever else they will be easily accessible!

And this is a very basic, yet powerful tool that can help you so much in taking control of your Nutrition and therefore helping you to take control of your health!!


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