3 Simple Keys for Improving Speed in Sports

athletespeed1GB DWs (daily workouts)

Choose 1-2 for your Weekend!

1. 4 rds for Best Time – 100 Jumping Jacks / Jump Rope, 30 Situps

2. Movement Stretches x 7 each. 

50 Clean Squat Press w dbs or bb

Check out one of our Youth ‘Athletes performing a change of direction Speed drill.  This yojng man has been working with us for a while now and has made some great improvements.  I want you to check out these points from the picture and realize these are some of the keys to “quick” change of direction in sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and others:

He has a pretty good Forward Lean – Having the correct angle is crucial for effeciency.  Notice he is “Leaning”, not “bending over”.  There is a huge difference.

His “plant” foot, or the one he is using to push off with, is not out in front of his body.  This is another big key.  If you land in front of your body at all in any sport, you are being very Ineffecient, and it will cause you to be SLOW! *at least in most cases. 

His ARM MOVEMENT.  You can tell from the pic that he is being AGGRESSIVE with his arms.  Man oh man this is huge.  We tell our athletes to be VIOLENT with their arm movement.  We use that word because it puts a lot of focus on how “aggressive” we want them to be with their arm movement.  If your arms are not moving effeciently, you will not be nearly as effecient with your running at any level, and particularly at “POWER SPEED” Sports.  **dont forget that “effecient” arm movement plays a huge role in endurance sports too such as distance running!   

So there are a few important keys that you can use for your kids in helping them to Move Quicker and more Powerfully in their sports. 


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