Speed Drills for Health and Life Improvement!?!

wout18GB DW (daily workout)

250 / 500 / 1000 Jump Rope


25 / 50 / 100 Burpees

Now this is a cool pic of 2 of our youth Athletes doing some “Change of Direction” Speed drills here at God-Built this week.  For “changing directions” quickly and EXPLOSIVELY there are a Few KEY elements to focus on:

-Stay on the Balls of your Feet

-Drop your hips, keeping your chest forward over the toes w/ good athletic posture.

-VIOLENTLY hook your arms foward and back in the direction you are wanting to “change” to.

-Push through the ground with Maximum Force!

Those are some of the most important Elements for you and or your kids if you are looking for the most effecient way to change directions in Sports.  These are some of the TIPS we teach here in our GOD-BUILT SPORTS PERFORMANCE program for Athletes.  Working with our youth is just like working with any of our Adults: We have to teach them how to do the “Correct” and most Effecient things, and Motivate them to do those things CONSISTENTLY!  Our athletes that get the best RESULTS of course are always those that work with us CONSISTENTLY. 

So no matter what your Goals are, you are going to have to be Consistent to get good and Consistent Results.  Sometimes it takes longer, but that is ok.  The main thing is to have FAITH that you will get the Results, EXPECTING to get the Desired RESULTS the whole time you are Consistently applying the Correct Actions.  And remember that no matter what it may “look like”, your efforts are paying off.  It just may take more time to “SEE” the results manifested in your health and life.  You can do it, ye Baby!!



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