Make your Workout FUN = Eat less! Studies show.

donutsGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10 each

100 Dumbbell Swings, 100 Leg Tucks, Finish for Best Time completing in any order

As I mentioned yesterday, me and LeAnne went to the Bahamas last weekend.  IN the pic you can see my hearty Breakfast on 1 morning.  Now of course this is not my typical breakfast nor do I eat donuts on any kind of normal occasion.  And the next morning the only thing I knew for sure about breakfast was that I definitely did NOT want donuts again!  I am like most people in that a donut taste pretty good to me, but it is a rare occasion that I will have one.  And so it should be for all of us with any “not so nutritious” foods: They should be consumed on “rare occassions” at most, and if at all. 

Another thing concerning donuts and other like foods: Do not use these as REWARDS for doing a “good” job with Exercise and or Nutrition.  Man I see this a lot and it is absolutely the wrong mindset and approach.  Actually using “cheat meals” and such as REWARDS for doing great with Health actions is a recipe for disaster.  There is much I can say here but for time sake let me just say DONT DO THIS!  Do not make eating “cheat meals” and poor quality foods your Reward.  Your Reward for doing a great job is IMPROVED HEALTH!! 

Now let me get to the reason why I got on this whole subject about donuts and Rewards.  While on the plane to the Bahamas, I was reading an article in Men’s Fitness titled “GO THE FUN ROUTE, EAT BETTER AFTER”.  Now read the article that is from some current research on exercising and eating:

“”If you enjoy your workout, you’ll eat less- and eat healthier-after it, says a new Cornell Food and Brand Lab study.  In one test, subjects who were told their mile was “exercise” later ate 35% more dessert than those told the walk was just a chance to listen to music.  …….

It’s called compensation,” says Cornell’s Brian Wansink, Ph.D.  “When you do something you do not want to do, you find a way to ‘reward’ youself. ……”” 

Wow!  That is very interesting.  There was more to it but I just wanted you to get the jist of it.  Basically from their studies they found that there was a significant difference in the quantities of food eaten according to how the groups “saw” or percieved the work or exercise they were doing! 

THe take away from all this is: Be aware of how you are “Seeing” your Exercise and your perception of your Exercise.  Be aware of how you are “Rewarding” yourself for the work or effort you are putting into your Fitness.  Make sure you are not “rewarding” yourself by eating poorly.  Yes Exercise is EFFORT.  Yes it is hard sometimes, but how you “see” it can make all the difference in the results that you will generate from that effort and how it impacts the rest of your actions!  **One of the simple things the article recommended was to look at working out as “a break from work or stressful thoughts.  People who do that report they’re a lot happier.”



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