Drinking. Gambling. Food. All the same!

bahamasGB DW (daily workout)

10 Squats, 10 Inchworm

20 Squats, 20 Spidercrawl

30 Squats, 30 Pushups

20 Burpees

Check out my “Bahama Mama” sitting next to me at our resort in the Bahamas.  Man she is sooooo HOT!  We had several “freebies” from restaurants in the resort that you could get.  I guess they do this so you will try out the different restaurants.  At this particular joint we got a complimentary glass of wine and some flatbread.  I chose “red”wine and it was ok ( i am not much of a wine drinker), but the flatbread was actually very good.  It was very thin crust, and had chicken, cheese, and I think spinach.   Also, as you can tell we were surrounded by a Casino.  I wanted to play some of those slot machines because it just looked fun, and I told LeAnne, “I need to play because I know I will win at least $10,000!”  But neither one of us played because we could not get past the idea of losing money.   (I played some slot machines in my only trip to Vegas a couple of years back and after losing about $10 I couldn’t do it anymore!)  Funny stuff.

All this talk about wine, vegas, and casinos brings me to a very important issue: CONTROL.  Many people think that drinking alchohol and or gambling is wrong at any level.  Well my take is that it is usually (i didnt say always) the same across the board.  As long as you dont let the “thing” control you, then it is most likely ok.  (again, I am not saying this is always true.  Yes of course there are many things that are NOT good to do at any level!) Take alchohol for instance.  (First and foremost if you believe “drinking” is wrong for you, then you should not do it. )  The problem is not the alchohol.  The issue is “who is in control”.  If you can control consuming alchohol, do it in faith, and not let it control you at any level, then good.  But of course when it controls you at any level then it becomes a problem. 

Now I know this subject, especially when you include alchohol, can get some people fired up.  And I almost deleted all this and went another route, but decided to go ahead because it really helps us to understand more so the importance of this “CONTROL” issue.  And let me just say I am in no way recommending alchohol consumption nor am I making a stance against it.  I am making a statement and stance against “allowing things to Control you’.  See people understand to some extent the results of allowing alchohol, gambling, etc to Control them whether it is short term or long term.  And most of us have seen firsthand with ourselves and or family the price from ADDICTION to a thing such as alchohol, gambling, drugs, etc.  The point I want to bring your attention to is the fact that IN THE SAME WAY MANY ARE ADDICTED TO FOOD, and suffering the Consequences! 

We usually “classify” Addictions in our American society and in our minds we think some are worse and some are “ok”.  I believe though that they are really all the same.  Now yes there are different CONSEQUENCES, and sometimes more immediate, but it all comes back to a CONTROL ISSUE.  So I believe a FOOD Addiction is no better than any other type of Addiction such as drugs, alchohol, etc.   The Word tells us clearly that NO thing and NO one should be put in front of GOD in our lives.  So anything that we may have an issue with,  no matter how “society” rates it, is a problem because we are allowing it to some extent to take first place in front of our FATHER.  (we all deal with this on  some level) 

My goal here is not to bring you or anyone into CONDEMNATION if you are dealing with a Food Addiction.  My goal is to make you aware of the importance to recognize the issue if it is there.  And to help you to recognize the importance of NOT ALLOWING the issue to dominate you.  Now let me just tell you the truth as far as my experience: Many people are dealing with a Food Addiction on some level. 

The absolute best thing for you to do if you are dealing with this is first and foremost realize that God Almighty, your awesome Heavenly Father, has already EMPOWERED YOU to Overcome this and walk out on top through His Son Jesus Christ!!  God has put that Addiction Overcoming Power inside you already with JESUS as your Saviour!  He has already defeated it.  All you have to do is as the Word says: BELIEVE IT AND RECIEVE IT!  Now remember as we have discussed many times, that word “Recieve” is a very proactive and aggressive word that can literally be translated: TO TAKE IT!  So you cant just sit back and be passive about it.  You have to take the Word as the Truth, then no matter what it feels like or looks like, stay in Faith that you have already overcome the thing.  You do not have to give in to it.  And no matter how many times you mite fail, remember that you still win because you will not give up until you see the fullness of who you are In Christ Jesus in that area of your life!!!  


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  1. Agree with you all the way brother, I know only God can help people overcome addictions. It can be food as much as alcohol. I have seen it . Thanks for being Honest.
    Thanks for what you do.

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