More NUTRITION Tips for You

lunch8GB DW (daily workout)

Walk / Run / Jump Rope / Bike 5+ minutes

This is picture of a “lunch” I had some time back.  And it is very similar to the lunch I had today.  My lunch today was a bowl with mixed greens, grilled chicken, shredded cheese, and little bit of raspberry vinaigrette.  It was pretty nutritious and Delicious.  I used basically just what I found in the fridge, and the grilled chicken was leftovers from last nights dinner.  So pretty easy stuff right there.

Remember with Nutrition, you dont have to get Complicated.  And for most, the more complicated it is, the less likely they are going to stick to it long term.  So do yourself a favor and keep the Nutrition changes simple. 

Dont try to do too much too fast. 

Remember to stay in the mindset of “I control food.  I will not let food control me.” 

Dont use food as a reward. 

Keep “good” quality foods on hand. 

Slowly “weed out” the poor quality stuff from your house. 

Start now even if it is only 1 thing that you change for the better.

You got it, Now Get on it Dog’on it!!


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