My latest CJ project. Like a “Health” project!

cjlaredoGB DW (daily workout)

100 Jumping Jacks

50/100 Pushups

100 Jumping Jacks

Check out my latest CJ7!  This is an original “Laredo” with factory automatic and a.c.!  She is a beauty. 

This cj was a project, but a small project.  I did some work to get it where I wanted it, but it didnt take that long.  Now the other cj7 I am “still” building from “frame off” has been a pretty long project, at least much longer than I anticipated.  So it is good to have had this other cj and be able to FINISH it and see the Results while I am still working on the other CJ. 

This jeep “cj” process I am talking about is much like our “Health” projects.  Many times they turn out to take much longer than we first expected.  And the process, and time, can wear on us.  We get discouraged, frustrated, start doubting, etc.  So we always have to REMIND ourselves of that END RESULT we first got the picture of in the beginning.  We have to “recast” that image in our minds.  When we do this we basically are reminding ourselves of the REWARD for continuing, and that IT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT!!  And along the way it is good to find something that we can set as a “short term” goal that we know we can accomplish pretty quick and it will directly and indirectly help with our BIG longer term Goal! 

You can do it!!  Oh yes you can.  Through HIM you can and you will!



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