SHORT, INTENSE workouts for better Fitness / Health

dbworkoutGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

5 rds for Fastest Time:

10r, 10l 1 Arm Alt DB Snatch

20r, 20l X Crunch

This is a pic of David Ben doing some Dumbbell Pushup Rows!  I sent this pic out before and just had to let you see it again.  He’s “gettin on it dog’on it!”

Short, Intense Workouts!  This is something we here at GOD-BUILT promote in a big way.  This is something we have been recommending for years now.  The main reason that we promote it is not just that it is effective, but also that it is more likely that people WILL do it versus “long” workouts. 

My experience over the years is that most people are not going to stick to a program that requires them to Exercise for long periods of time several times a week.  Even though it is absolutely true that they CAN MAKE the time, their perception is that they can not “find” that much time.  And even if they do start it, unless they get Extremely good and quick results, they end up quitting because of the time commitment.  So here is where SHORT, INTENSE workouts come into play. 

SHORT, INTENSE Workouts can do many great things for you:

They can produce very good physical results with fitness & health improvements.

They are more “doable” as far as perception, so they can “encourage” most people that they actually CAN make happen the little bit of time required.

Keep you more “excited” about Exercise since you know it is not going to take long.

Give you more options as far as the times of day that you can do it since you can literally get it done in 5-10 minutes!

One of the biggest obstacles with any Exercise program is simply GETTING STARTED.  Using Short, INtense Workouts can be just the thing to help you to get started with your new Exercise / Health program.  Remember that it is not going to take you long at all with each workout.  You can literally get a great workout in less than 10 minutes.  Remember the INTENSE part is dependant on you and your own personal level of fitness.  Intensity is always relative to each individual.  Do realize though that to a certain extent the Harder you work during those short workouts, the more you are going to force the body to recover.  And it is that recovery part that really helps to improve fitness / Health!  **And of course remember that here at God-Built we highly recommend that you learn how to do your Exercises CORRECTLY!!  FORM IS ALWAYS FIRST AND FOREMOST. 

I highly encourage you to start doing some SHORT, INTENSE workouts.  Our GB DW workouts are just that: SHORT, INTENSE.  In most cases each DW we post will take you under 10 minutes.  ANd some of them you can do in under 5 minutes!!  Follow the workouts on godbuilt.comCheck out the Exercise Demo Videos on the homepage, right side of the screen.  And just get on it dog’on it!!


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