It is most likely NOT AS HARD as you think!!

wout21GB DWs (daily workouts)

Do 1-2 Workouts for your weekend

1. 10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Situps

Max Burpee n 5/7 minutes

2. Jog 2 minutes

10 x 100m sprints, rest 45 sec. between sprints.

The pic is of some of our lunch crew working out with us this Thursday.  Man they did a great job.  They all have work, schedules, errands, need to eat lunch, and many other reasons why they should not have come to workout at “lunch time” on thursday, but they CHOSE to do it anyway.  We all have many reasons why we can’t and or shouldn’t Choose to workout.  Everyone is “busy”, at least in their mind.  The ones who are successful in life, in any area of life, simply Choose to do the correct things that are needed to produce “life” and “fruit” in that area of life. 

So no matter what, we all have the OPPORTUNITY to make things happen in our health and lives.  And either way, our Choices are creating our future, good or bad, in every area of our lives.  You do have a choice to do the correct things no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.  Do not allow yourself to be fooled otherwise.   God has empowered you, so you can.  And yes sometimes it is very tough, but remember that many times it is not near as tough as we have it “built up in our heads”.  Know that you can.  And EXPECT to make it happen!  Ye baby!


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