The “secret” way to Workout and get Results

wout22GB DW (daily workout)

10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Leg Tucks, 10 w lunge

Max Walking Lunges n 3 Minutes

A great pic of some God-Built family members working hard.  They are knocking it out baby!

You know it really does not matter a whole heck of a lot what you do as far as exercise as long as you use pretty good form, you work hard, and you do it consistently.  Now yes there are ways to be more Effecient and ways to better accomplish specific goals and targets, but overall the most important thing is to FIND A WAY TO MOVE, MOVE WITH GOOD INTENSITY AND FORM, AND DO IT CONSISTENTLY!

Over the years I have seen many people workout and had the great opportunity to coach many people.  I have seen many people get very good and even great results.  The style workout they did was not the constant among the many I have seen get results.  there were many different styles, but again the constant was they CHOSE TO MOVE (EXERCISE), THEY CHOSE TO DO IT WITH GOOD INTENSITY, THEY CHOSE TO DO IT CONSITENTLY!!  And that folks is what it all boils down to.  So take that and RUN WITH IT!!


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