Casting The Vision of GOD-BUILT. Helping YOU!

boyspeanutfieldGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

Max Reps for 2 min of each Exercise, take 30 seconds rest between Exercises.  **Make sure and keep up with your total Reps of each exercise, so when you do it again one day you can see your Improvement.

Squat, Pushup, Walkn Lunge, Situp

I love this pic of the boys.  We went to Garfield last week since the boys got out of school thursday.  We were in one of the peanut fields watching “Uncle Eric” pick peanuts.  That is their cousin in the truck, and that is Papa’s little truck.  That truck can go where most trucks cant go!  We had a great time!

We had a guest speaker at church yesterday.  What she taught was so GOOD!  I love hearing her teach mostly because you can tell she is truly GROUNDED IN THE WORD, therefore that is what comes out when she teaches!  One of the things she reminded us of in our leadership meeting was to “continue to cast The Vision” so that everyone can be clear where they are going.  So I am going to take her advice (which is straight out of The Word of God) and cast THE GOD-BUILT VISION for you to see again:


This is the exact words that HE gave me some years back for God-Built.  And I am understanding more and more the importance of continually reminding myself, our trainers, and you of our vision.  See our deepest passion is not fitness.  Our deepest passion and purpose is not coaching Exercise and Nutrition.  Our deepest passion and purpose, OUR VISION, is to teach you WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.  As you understand more the Truth of just who you are IN CHRIST, the more EMPOWERED you will realize you already are.  See truly it boils down to this as it pertains to your Health: The more you realize HIS LOVE for you personally, and therefore who you actually are In Christ, the more you are enabled to walk out His best for your health.  See truly, “great health” is a BY PRODUCT of you realizing His Love for you and the Power you already have inside your because of JESUS! 

I know you have heard all this before, but please realize it takes reminding yourself of this truth daily:  Just “making yourself” do a lot of Exercise and making yourself stick to a “diet plan” are good, but  unless there is a true “IDENTITY” realization, all your “good works” will be temporary and produce minor fruit at best.  As you realize Truth, think and speak the Truth, and allow the Truth to change you, you will literally change from the inside out.  Now you are already full Truth in the “real you“, in your spirit.  When you recieve Jesus Christ as Lord you are totally made new in your spirit.  But you still have a soul (mind will & emotions) and a body that are not renewed.  This renewal is up to you and not complicated.  Again it is simply based on your realizing who you are already In Christ Jesus, because of The Fathers great Love for you.

I appreciate you allowing me and GOD-BUILT to be a part of your life!  I do count it a great blessing.  I am surely not there yet, but I am striving.  I urge you to strive with me.  And remember our “striving” is not us trying to do “good works”.  Our striving is me and you focusing intentfully to UNDERSTAND MORE AND MORE WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST!!  The more we understand this, the “good works” (and better health) will be a By-Product!!


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